The Design Process

The Design Process

Building a website requires planning and careful thought to be successful. Following is a simple five-step procedure which will guide you through the process. I would be happy to help you at each step in the process.

Step One: Discuss Your Needs with Me

Get in touch with me and discuss your project and goals and we can work on a project outline that meets your needs.

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Step Two: Gather and Organize Your Content

The next and most important step in building a website is to gather and organize your content. Think through the information you want to present to your visitors. What information is critical? What is secondary?

Generally speaking, when you are starting your site, it is best to focus on the essential information you want to communicate to your visitors. Then, over time, you can add additional pages and information. This has the added bonus of keeping the content on your site fresh, which Google and other search engines value in their rankings.

Generally, your content will be divided into text content, images and artwork, and tables of information. Great images really boost the visual appeal of your site. Think about what photos might look good on your site. For example, photos of your products, staff, work and location all help your visitors visually relate to your site. A good picture is really worth a thousand words in web design.

In addition, content that provides a personal link between your visitors and your company is always valuable. Make your visitors feel like they know your business or organization on the first visit.

Once you have decided what information you want to include on your site, think about how to logically divide this information into the pages of your site.

Next, think through the navigation of your site. What information will be on your home (front) page and how will your visitors access other pages?

For many sites this will be easy and obvious but it’s still valuable to think through how your visitors will navigate the content on your site. If you are planning to add more content over time, how will this new content be integrated into the existing site?

Step Three: Think About Your Design

Click here for the Genesis templates from which you will be able to choose for more information about my designs. Browsing through the templates is a great way to think about the visual layout of your own pages. I can assist you by creating a simple header and finding and editing images for your site.

Step Four: Call In The Web Designer

If you have decided to work with me on your site, we will probably already have had several conversations about the content, organization and appearance of your site. Now is the time when I put it all together and create your site.

I will set up your site based on the design we have created and will then add your content and navigation. After a review, I will make any changes you request and then activate your site for the world to see.

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Step Five: Keeping Your Site Going Strong

A good website is never really finished and one of the biggest mistakes you can make with your website is thinking it is finished. Keeping your content up to date is critical and adding new and fresh content will keep people (and search engines) coming back for more.

In addition, you should always monitor your site for web server problems and back it up whenever changes and updates are made to templates and plugins. Viruses and spyware are easy to spread and you should monitor your site for these evils as well. I can offer you a hosting service where I will monitor your account for changes and updates that need to be made as well as making sure your site is up and running as much of the time as possible.

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Finally, you need to keep your domain registration information current and paid up so you do not lose your domain name.