FAQs About Building Your Website


Can you really create professional looking websites with templates?

Absolutely! In fact, most small businesses do not need to go the expense and trouble of having a new web theme developed just for them. It’s overkill and it’s expensive.

Will my new website be mobile friendly?

All of my themes are based on the Genesis WordPress platform and most are mobile friendly.

Where can I see the Genesis templates that I will be able to choose from?

They can all be found on the Studiopress.com website at http://my.studiopress.com/themes/ or click here.

What if I don’t have a logo?

If you don’t have a logo, we can use the name of your business within the website header.

What Size Images Should I Send to You?

Once you pick out your theme and purchase the service, I’ll let you know the exact image size to send. You’ll send it over and I’ll resize it to fit the slider or webpage perfectly.

Does this package include e-Commerce setup as well?

E-Commerce is a bit more involved. It is a service I do not offer at the moment, but expect to in the future. If you are interested, please let me know.