Website Hosting and Maintenance

Website Hosting and Maintenance

Once you publish your site, the work is often just beginning. Managing your domain and hosting and resubmitting your changes to search engines can be a big job for some busy sites. I can help with all that and more.

Regular Hosting and Maintenance

Just like your car, a website needs some basic maintenance every month. My regular site hosting and maintenance plan includes:

  • Hosting your site on my secure server
  • Backing up your site regularly and restoring the site from the backup if something goes wrong
  • Scanning your website files for viruses and spyware
  • Being the technical contact for your domain registration and hosting
  • Submitting any site changes you make to major search engines (Google and Bing)

The price of this monthly service is $30.00 (month to month – no contracts).

Content Update Package

Keeping your website up-to-date with current information, new features and content is critical to keeping your current visitors interested and attracting Google and other search engines to your fresh content so you can reach new visitors.

My Content Update Package includes monthly assistance with site updates:

  • Three new pages uploaded or existing pages updated with content.
  • Updating the navigation menu to reflect additions, deletions and updates.
  • Creating and submitting a new search engine sitemap to major search engines (Google and Bing).

The cost of this service is $30.00/mo for the first 3 updates. After that, the price is $20/update. An update, for example, is the addition of an article or image to your site. You will need to supply the content or image.

If you will not need monthly content updates, you can purchase your updating by the page or image.

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Help Just When You Need It

I’m always here to help. Answers to questions are free. If you need work on your site you can check out my packages and individual pricing.